Bringing designs to life

Rendervision offers you dynamic and professional computer generated imagery in interactive environments.

Our core business is built around the images  we produce. We create images that evoke positive emotion in people. With these images we take our designs further bringing them to life with animation or with interactive applications.

In short you can say that we help our customers sell their products faster, at the same time giving them marketing material to strengthen their brand.

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  1. HTML 5 / PHP / MySQL / XML – Website design, with coding
  2. Adobe Flash / FLEX
  3. JAVA
  4. Microsoft .Net
  5. 3D web environments
  6. Programming
  7. Augmented reality

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The process

The base of our production is our unique production enviroment.
We use a variety of tools to produce our images, these tools give us advantages in areas of lightning, animating and creating what ever clients needs from product visualisation to animating interior and exterior visualisations.

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A selection of our customers

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling

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3D visualization

Short description of 3D Visualisation.
3D Visualisation is a process that contains several steps. Here we will give a simplified explanation of the steps we usually go thru to produce our material.

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3D phrases

This is a simplified explanation of our most used 3D phrases.

  • 3D modell – Model of the object that is to be visualised. Example: a house, a building, a product or a detail. This is also called: 3D geometry, 3D file, 3D object.
  • 3D coordinates – ​An objects position is defined with: X, Y, Z –values. These values can be positive or negative.
  • 3D modelling – ​In this process, the model is built by polygons.

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