3D Phrasebook

This is a simplified explanation of our most used 3D phrases.

3D modell – Model of the object that is to be visualised. Example: a house, a building, a product or a detail. This is also called: 3D geometry, 3D file, 3D object.

3D coordinates – ​An objects position is defined with: X, Y, Z –values. These values can be positive or negative.

3D modelling – ​In this process, the model is built by polygons.
Polygons – ​Multisided, geometrical shapes, the cornerstones of a 3D model. Several polygons are put together to a mesh that represents the finished model.

Extrude – ​A technique that means that you “pull out” a 2D plan to create a 3D model.

Boolean operation – A technique that ads or subtracts geometry from one model to another.

​3D material – ​A colour or image in several layers that is applied to the 3D model in order to simulate a material from the real world. Also called: 3D texture, 3D shader.

3D texturing – ​To apply material to a model.

​3D Scene – ​After the modelling and texturing, several models are put into a virtual set. This set is called a 3D Scene. Also called: Virtual stage.

3D view – Describes what side you are viewing the model from: Front, back, left, right, top, camera or perspective.

Light-setup – ​To light up the scene and the objects with different types of lights.

Spotlights – ​One of many light-types that is used in a 3D scene.

IES lights – ​Realistic light “profiles” from lamps in the real world. This makes the light from a lamp look the same in the real and the virtual world.

Camera – The virtual world uses cameras in the same way as they are used in a TV studio or film-set.

​Camera view – The way the camera is facing, this corresponds to the view of the final image.

​Camera angle – As in photography the 3D camera has different lenses, – normal, tele and wide angle.

Render – The term Render means “to generate an image”. This is the final step in the 3D visualisation process. This is where all the settings and values are used to calculate a 3D image.

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