3D visualisation

Short description of 3D Visualisation.
3D Visualisation is a process that contains several steps. Here we will give a simplified explanation of the steps we usually go thru to produce our material.

​The models are made from 2D or 3D plans and the “Project description documentation”, this documentation contains detailed information about the project. The models are made with a number of 3D techniques, where you for example extrude 2D plans into 3D plans. To 3D visualise is close to building in the real world as every little detail must be produced.

Material, camera angles & lights.
​When the base model is done, the rigging process begins. That is when the materials, or textures, are applied to the model.
Next we begin to work with camera angles according to the customers specs. This determines the composition of the image.
The lighting is made the same way as in a photo or TV studio. We have access to the same tools to create a realistic and moody light.

​The term: to Render means that you bring all the pieces of the project together into the final image. To put it short Render means: to build an image.

What we produce

  • 3D Design och animering
  • Webb design med interaktivt innehåll
  • Webb applikationer för affärssystem.
  • Real-tids applikationer med 3D design
  • Applikationer för webb
  • Appar för smartphones
  • Time management System
  • Content management System
  • Filmproduktion
  • Industridesign
  • Augmented Reality applikationer