Interactive 3D animation

With our interactive 3D animations we take the 3D visualization to new levels. You can now take a virtual tour of the property in full quality 3D.

We provide you with a virtual tour of the building in a completed state, showing all the features, furnishings and layout at the highest level of detail. To give your customers an understanding of what they are buying, – there is no better way than letting them have a virtual walk around in their new home.

All buildings and landscapes are modeled to the exact scale for a truly realistic 3D experience.

The ability to navigate thru an apartment or building in full quality 3D has proven popular with our customer as it is helping them to move their projects faster.

3D interactive animation can be used to visualize interiors and exteriors of office spaces, houses, commercial spaces, exhibitions and so on.

Industry applications

In the industry sector we use this technique to show the function of a device or design and to let the user interact with it.

Extended functionality

We normally link our interactive applications to other applications. What we normally do is create a complete interactive area with spins and zooms of a residential area. With that we link in our booking application and roll it out as a complete project website for our customers.


We have different packages to offer you on this, – from “bookshelf” applications that we sell time and again to the bigger solutions for our customers big builds.

Products and sollutions

  • 3D exteirors spin of a house or building
  • 3D interiors open house applications
  • 3D areas whre we combine interactivity by spinning whole areas, zooming to houses and going inside to view a specific apartment or house.