Animated film

One of the most powerful tools to market a project is with a full quality film. It gives that extra feeling and understanding of our customers projects. It is also a good way to market the customer and to get a positive message thru.

We usually produce our Animated films for bigger projects. There are great savingscosts to be make as we have then already built a virtual world of all things needed for to create a film.

The main objective of animation is to create a, effective film that can be viewed on a project site or locally. The film can be shared by the whole product development team or directly to customers. It can also be used as an effective presentation tool.

By capturing the product design or real-estate from all angles and in motion, we are able to effectively demonstrate what the project will look like and how it will perform. Animations offers a view from any desired angle bringing a photo-realistic dimension to constructed or even idealized spaces.

We create animations which display the actual materials to be used, Interior lighting, landscaping, natural lighting and moving objects. We have an experienced team which is capable of transferring your ideas and concepts into almost any type of animation; – 2D or 3D in the field of Architecture and product design.


  • 3D animations
  • 2D animations
  • Real world filmproduction to be used in combination with our 2D / 3D films.