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We develop applications for Real estate and for the industry sector.

Show your projects with cutting edge interactive 3D and Augmented Reality. It helps you to explore an area/building/product before it is built and view it outside of the computer. Our apps help you market your products in new ways. It can also be used in the design process. Make design decisions based on what your products or projects looks like in the real world. Place the 3D model on your desktop or conference table and view it from all directions. We will work with you to create a dynamic experience and customize it to your requirements. You can then use it as a powerful sales, marketing or design tool.

3D models are no longer bound by the computer.

View 3D models on any solid surface.

Through a mobile device, browser or VR googles, you can tour any space or project in a powerful virtual environment. Download the application and point the camera of your device at the ‘markers’. See the ‘markers’ come to life as 3D designs of your products exterior and interiors pop up on them! In AR mode the 3D model presents itself on a marker and shows up as a solid hologram that you can view from all directions. Shifting to 3D mode means that you can access the model from the inside.

Our apps

This is an interactive information platform for everything you need to showcase your projects. Everything is at your fingertips, check it out at your own pace and convenience using our demo applications.


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