Full websites

We produce with wordpress as the underlying plattform. We also build stand alone websites, applications and features for any platform.

We make full website projects with all the modern features you can expect.


For real-estate we have developed several tools that can be used as plug-ins to existing sites  or integrated in our full website productions.

Some of our plug-ins include:

  • Booking applications
  • Floor-plan viewers
  • Interactive 3D tools

Our websites:

  • Are written in HTML5
  • Are layout Responsive = one site for all platforms, – PC, Phone& tablets
  • Are compatible with the latest versions of: Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Webstore development: WooCommerce and others
  • CMS: WordPress – Software Version WordPress 4.8 and up
  • Plugins and special code is usually written in PHP, CSS, JS
  • Supports: Widgets